Solano County Fairgrounds

February 16 - 19, 2018


Solano County Fairgrounds

(Across the street from Six Flags)

McCormack Hall

900 Fairgrounds Dr, Vallejo, CA 94589

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Friday through Monday

9:00am – 8:00pm

Free Admission

 We offer Free Admission and Free Parking.

You will find the best pricing and biggest selection of any spa show in the Bay Area! Come and visit us!

Our Brands

Come and see the 7 best brands in the industry all in one place!


Millions of Dollars of Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, and everything must go!

Don’t miss your chance for HUGE SAVINGS on a hot tub or swim spa at the Bay Area Spa Show! We are showcasing the 7 best brands in our industry with the biggest manufacturer discounts available. With over 100 models to choose from, we are the ONLY spa show that knows how to impress our Bay Area clientele.

#1 Trusted Hot Tub and Swim Spa Retailer for over 30 Years

With over 40,000 Bay Area customers, we know exactly what you want from a hot tub and swim spa. We offer the most trusted and reliable brands in the industry to ensure that we exceed the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we have a full maintenance and service program to ensure your experience with us is everything you dreamed it would be and more.

Revolutionary Self-Cleaning Swim Spa

The Hydropool Swim Spa is the ultimate pool and hot tub all in one package. It will give you a smoothest adjustable swim current, incredible energy efficiency and it’s self-cleaning.

What type of hot tubs will I be able to buy?


The Benefits of a Swim Spa

No more using a pool skimmer to pick up leaves off of the bottom of your pool. The patented self-cleaning technology in a Hydropool swim spa makes it the most desirable swim spa on the market. Whether you want to run a salt water system or fresh water, the Hydropool swim spa will ensure that you water stays sparkling clean all the time.

Hydropool swim spas are the most energy efficient swim spas in the industry. We know that one of the concerns with buying a hot tub or a swim spa is the effect it might have on your energy bill. We can assure you that your energy costs will stay low and that you will love all of our swim spas and hot tubs.

The great thing about a swim spa is that you can use it all year long. In the winter when the temperature cools down, you can increase the temperature of your swim spa so it feels like a hot tub. It won’t sit in your backyard covered up like most pools in the winter months. You have total control over the temperature of the water.

Swim spas that are not in-ground like a traditional pool. You get the freedom and flexibility to move the swim spa around if you move homes or just want a fresh look in your backyard and want to move the swim spa to another location. If you decide that you want to drop the swim spa in-ground so it has the look of a traditional pool, we can do that as well.

The Benefits of a Hot Tub

We only offer the best in hydrotherapy massage through our 7 premier brands. Whether you are looking for the power and prestige of the Jacuzzi brand hot tubs, or the personalization of Bullfrog Spas new JetPak therapy system we have everything to suit your needs. Imagine having a spa treatment and massage every day to revitalize your mind and body. Using a hot tub in the evening will help you sleep better and will take all of your aches and pains away.

We have the most elegant, stylish, and technologically advanced hot tubs in the industry. Look at some of our beautiful installations to see how a hot tub or will look in your dream backyard.

You don’t have to worry about the energy cost associated with having a hot tub because we have the most energy efficient hot tubs in the industry. Our brands have spared no expense to make hot tubs that satisfy our customers in every way.

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